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i29 Wireless is plug-and-play so there’s no software to install and no costly hardware to purchase. Just connect the i29 Wireless modem to your computer via a network jack and you’re online! If you’re ready to get online, you can sign up and pick up a modem at our retail location – 702 Main Ave. in Moorhead. We are open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

i29 WiMAX Service

With service plans starting at $19.95, i29 offers affordable Internet access in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.

WiMAX Service Plans and Coverage Map

We currently offer two service plans. Check our Coverage Map to see which services are available in your area. An i29 modem is required for service, please contact us to either rent or purchase your modem. We are always testing new devices to offer the best services to our customers at a reasonable price. Check back for new items!

WiMAX 1.5 Mb

  • Plug and Play
  • Wireless, portable Internet service
  • Up to 8 email accounts
  • 1.5Mb download and 300k upload

Alvarion CPE 4000

  • Reliable desktop WiMAX modem
  • Built in WiFi
  • Rent or buy
  • 2 Ethernet ports for direct network connection

Coverage Map

Enter your address to pinpoint your location in our coverage area. Example: 745 45th St SW, Fargo ND

These coverage maps are estimated. You may be in the coverage area on the map, but due to the nature of wireless signals something in your neighborhood may affect the strength of the signal to your home. We offer a 7 day risk-free trial to ensure you have proper signal in your home.

Areas in GREEN are within our coverage area

i29 Support

Welcome to the i29 support section! This section will be undergoing constant development to help answer common questions about our services. If you have suggestions for the FAQ or for other information you would like to see included here, please let us know.


Can I pay by phone or update my card info over the phone?

Yes! You can call us directly to update account information. Remember, don’t e-mail us your credit card information!

Can I pay online?

Not at this time.

Can I pay with cash or check every month?

You will need to submit to a credit check for non-automated billing. Talk to our store staff for more information.

How do I pay my bill?

Our customers are set up in our automated billing system, and are charged monthly on the credit or debit card given at the time of sign up. If for any reason you need to arrange alternate payment, you can contact us at (701) 451-5729.

What are my billing options?

i29 offers monthly service billing by either credit or debit cards. If these are not an option, we will allow paper billing after a credit check. Paper billing requires payment of 3 months at a time.


Can I travel out of town with my WiMAX device?

Our WiMAX modems will only work in i29’s Fargo-Moorhead metro coverage area.

How does WiMAX differ from the old i29 system?

WiMAX is a technology upgrade from our older wireless system. It has allowed us to offer another tier of service (1.5Mb) and has improved performance of our system. The older system was using technology that was no longer in development and would not allow for future upgrades. With WiMAX, it is continually under development and will allow us to offer more improvements to our service.

Is WiMAX portable?

Yes! With our wireless WiMAX modems, you can take your Internet service with you anywhere in our coverage area. Our desktop modems only require a power outlet, and either WiFi or a cable connection to your computer.

What is WiMAX

i29 WiMAX is a wireless Internet service. Our WiMAX signal is broadcasted throughout Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo. There are no antennas to hang on your house, just a simple modem to rent or purchase at the i29 Wireless store.

Why am I not getting my full speed?

The speeds we offer on our service plans are the limits we impose for each customer. The speed you get is still dependent on the signal you get on your modem. The lower the signal, the slower your service will be. You can move your modem around your home to find the spot that gets the best signal. Since there are signal indicators on your modem, you don’t need to plug your computer into it. Just take it to different outlets to find the “sweet spot” in your home.

I bought a device from a store that has a WiMAX chip in it. Do I need your modem?

Right now that answer is yes. We are currently unable to connect other WiMAX devices to our network, but we are working on it!.

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