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i29 Wireless is plug-and-play so there’s no software to install and no costly hardware to purchase. Just connect the i29 Wireless modem to your computer via a network jack and you’re online! If you’re ready to get online, you can sign up and pick up a modem at our retail location – 702 Main Ave. in Moorhead. We are open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

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i29 LTE Service

With service plans starting at $19.99, i29 offers affordable Internet access in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.

No-risk Trial Period

Try our service for 7 days. If it doesn’t fit your needs, you’ll get a full refund.

Easy seasonal access

If you’re in town seasonally, we make it easy to put your service on hold and start it back up again when you’re home. Just give us a call!

No cable or phone line required

i29 is wireless to your home. No waiting for techs to install your service.

Wireless connection

Take the modem anywhere in our coverage area. We don’t restrict you to one location.

Our best pricing up front

We show you our everyday low prices from the start.

Plug and Play Setup

Sign up in our store and you’re online that day!

i29 LTE Service Plans and Coverage Map

We currently offer two service plans. Check our Coverage Map to see which services are available in your area. An i29 modem is required for service, please contact us to either rent or purchase your modem. We are always testing new devices to offer the best services to our customers at a reasonable price. Check back for new items!


  • 10 MB download speeds
  • Better suited for multiple devices

($8/mo modem rental fee not included)


  • 5MB download speeds
  • Best suited for one device at a time

($8/mo modem rental fee not included)

Coverage Map

Enter your address to pinpoint your location in our coverage area. Example: 745 45th St SW, Fargo ND

These coverage maps are estimated. You may be in the coverage area on the map, but due to the nature of wireless signals something in your neighborhood may affect the strength of the signal to your home. We offer a 7 day risk-free trial to ensure you have proper signal in your home.

Areas in GREEN are within our coverage area

i29 Modem Install Guide

Watch our quick-start tutorial on how to install your i29 modem. Or call us at 218.284.5702 for assistance.

i29 Support

Welcome to the i29 support section! This section will be undergoing constant development to help answer common questions about our services. If you have suggestions for the FAQ or for other information you would like to see included here, please let us know.


Yes. Please login to your SmartHub account from 702 to pay and view your bill.”

Yes. If you prefer paying via cash or check, you can mail in these payments or drop them off in person at 702 Main Ave in Moorhead. We also have a drop box located right outside our office for after-hours payments.

You can pay your bill via auto-pay, mailing in a payment, dropping off a payment in person or in our drop-box, you can make a payment online, or you can make a payment through our automated phone system. Please give us a call if you need any further assistance with paying your bill.

You can opt in for e-billing (a bill reminder sent to your e-mail), or we can mail you a copy of your bill each month.

i29 LTE Service

The i29 LTE is a technology upgrade from our old WiMAX system. It has allowed us to offer higher tiers of speed (5Mb and 10Mb) and has improved performance of our system. The new service also allows us to offer 5Ghz WIFI, making it faster and less prone to interference. The older system limited the type of usage available to our customers. With the new i29 LTE service, we can now offer faster speeds & improved service.

Yes! With our wireless i29 LTE modems, you can take your Internet service with you anywhere in our coverage area. Our desktop modems only require a power outlet, and either Wi-Fi or a cable connection to your computer.

i29 LTE is a wireless Internet service. Our i29 signal is broadcasted throughout Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo. There are no antennas to hang on your house, just a simple modem to rent at our main office.

The speeds we offer on our service plans are the limits we impose for each customer. The speed you get is still dependent on the signal you get on your modem. The lower the signal, the slower your service will be. You can move your modem around your home to find the spot that gets the best signal. Since there are signal indicators on your modem, you don’t need to plug your computer into it. Just take it to different outlets to find the “sweet spot” in your home.

Since the i29 LTE service requires modem’s that are specifically created for the i29 service, you are required to get this equipment from us. We lease equipment for $8/month.

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